Some of our services

  • Condition Survey in case of Purchase, Charters and Insurance Request
  • Draft Survey
  • Loading and Unloading Surveys, also for heavy Cargoes
    Lashing Certificate
  • Weight and Control of bulk Cargo, solid and liquid
  • Collection of Samples for wet and damaged Cargo
  • Biological and Chemical laboratory analysis
  • Hatch inspections (suitability, conditions, cargo worthiness, etc.)
  • Reconstruction of Marine Accident, Grounding and Collision
  • Control of holds, Watertight, Sealing and Unsealing
  • Container and trucks Control’s including cargo transhipment
  • Failure in the circulation of the cold, in the transport food
  • Transit Certificate
  • Hull and Machinery Damage Assistance, Main Engines, Inverters, Turbines, Auxiliary Engines, Generators, Shafts, Propellers, Hull’s Plates Replacement
  • Assistance for Claim of Salvage Assistance
  • Yacht Survey
  • Under water’s Video Inspections

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